Who should register and by when?
Anyone who is attending the Walk should register in advance via our online registration system.  Parents, please make sure to register your children and toddlers online as well.  Walkers are able to register online up until event day.  Registration will be available onsite on Walk day for those who were unable to do so beforehand, but we highly encourage you to sign up online prior to the event to make your event day experience smoother and our event day preparation as efficient as possible.

Is there a fee to participate?
No, registration is FREE and there is no minimum amount that you must raise to participate.  However, we do encourage each participant to reach out to friends, family and co-workers for support in fundraising to help Autism Speaks Canada find the missing pieces of the autism puzzle.  For fundraising assistance, please click here.

Should I start a team or join as an individual?
It’s more fun and typically a greater fundraising success to walk as a Family, School, Service Provider or Corporate team, but if you are attending alone, please join as an individual. If you need to change your registration from an individual to a Team, please contact Us and we'll help you.

Can someone join my team as a fundraiser, but not attend the walk?
Yes, walkers can register and fundraise even if they are unable to attend. We appreciate everyone’s support!

Is there a min/max. number of walkers needed to start a team?
No, a team can be any size, but of course the more members, the greater the impact!

Where do I get my registration package?
All of the resources you need after you register can be obtained online. Click here for Walker Tools or check the resources available on your account page. For those of you who are returning Walkers and remember receiving packages in the mail, we have chosen to offer these materials online this year. We want as much money raised as possible going to fund research and family service community grants so we're saving money by keeping all resources online versus mailing them out.  However, if you are still in need of a mailed copy of the registration package, please contact us at or 1-888-362-6227 EXT. 218.

I want to have Team Tshirts made up and bring a Team Banner. Is this a good idea?
Absolutely! Many Teams choose to print Team T's to help build team spirit and honour their loved ones! Team banners are great too! Be as creative as you can - you never know who the local TV stations will choose to show on their broadcasts!


How can donors pledge me or my team?
There are a number of ways!

Mail to:
Autism Speaks Canada

2450 Victoria Park Ave. - Main Floor
Toronto, ON M2J 4A2

Toronto, ON M9C 5K6
*please make cheques payable to Autism Speaks Canada

Where do I get donation forms?
Download a Donation Form here or print one from your online fundraising page. You may copy this form as many times as you need. A donation form must be filled out for each donation, regardless of amount. This is the best way to ensure that each donation is applied correctly to your fundraising and also so that donors who give $20 or more can be issued tax receipts. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Can I continue to collect donations after the walk?
Absolutely! Our walk sites are open until December 31st so your fund raising can continue long after the Walk is over. Fundraising after the Walk is a great way to continue to build your team spirit and continue to raise awareness about autism. Please mail donations with the appropriate donation forms to the address above.

Will money
turned in at the walk show up on my fundraising page?
Absolutely. All donations submitted (with a completed donation form) on walk day will appear on your fundraising page 4-8 weeks after the event.

How long will it take for
mailed cheques to appear on my fundraising page?
Donations sent in before the Walk should be processed within 4 - 7 business days. After Walk day, please allow 4-8 weeks for your donations to be posted to your web page.

Can I enter donations cash/cheque donations to my fundraising page?
No. Encourage your donors to donate online with a credit card so you can immediately see your totals go up and they can immediately receive a tax receipt! If this is not an option, please send cheques (including a donation form for each) prior to the event to the address above or bring them on walk day. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes. Donations of $20 or more will be issued a charitable tax receipt. Donations made online will receive an automatic email receipt. For phone or mail donations, an email address can also be provided to receive an electronic tax receipt, otherwise tax receipts are mailed to donors 4-6 weeks following the event.
Autism Speaks Canada is a registered charity 869420208 RR0001.

Will donors incur additional fees?
No, there are no transaction or additional fees incurred by the donor.

If you have any questions regarding the donation process, please contact or 1-888-362-6227 ext. 210



What is a Matching Gift?
Companies often designate a portion of profits to charity. A Matching Gift is a donation made to a charity, by way of an employee’s fundraising efforts. Typically, the donation will match, dollar for dollar, an employee or company team’s total fundraising. It’s a great way to boost, or double your fundraising!

How do I get a Matching Gift?
Every company has a different method and policy for approving and processing Matching Gifts. Contact your HR department for information. To receive a letter stating your involvement with Autism Speaks Canada, please Contact Us.

Will a Matching Gift appear on my fundraising total?
Yes, but Matching Gifts can take some time to process on both ends. If you have questions regarding the status of your Matching Gift, please contact your HR department.



What happens in the case of rain?
All walks will be held on the date scheduled "rain or shine".

How long is the Walk?
The Walk route is short - usually 3-4 km - to encourage even our youngest walkers to join in. The Walk is only one element of our event! There is lots to do on Walk day and lots of activities on site to make it a real festival of fun for all! To learn about what you can expect on Walk day, click here.

What should I bring on walk day?

The most important item you should be bringing is your donations envelope containing all of the cash and cheque donations as well as the filled in donation forms.  Please be sure to seal this envelope and have your name and Walk team name written on the outside before you hand it in.  To ensure a faster check-in experience for you and your family, we encourage you to mail in donations prior to the Walk if at all possible.  

Also, be sure to wear comfy shoes for walking, as well as the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.  If it is sunny, a hat and sunscreen are a must!

Will there be refreshments at the walk?
Light refreshments will be available at the event. We encourage you to bring water in refillable bottles for your family.

Are pets allowed at the walk?
Many affected children have a fear of animals and even the sweetest pet could have a negative effect. Please be sensitive to this issue and leave your pets at home. Only service dogs are permitted at the walk.

Are strollers and wheelchairs allowed at the walk?
Yes. Strollers, wheelchairs and even wagons for the little ones are all welcome.

Are bikes, rollerblades, scooters or skateboards allowed at the walk?
With apologies but for everyone's safety, we cannot allow any of these items.

I may not make it to the walk when Check-in/Registration opens. Can I arrive late?
Yes. Check-in will remain open until the walk ends. Please go directly to the Check-in area when you arrive.

Does everyone receive a Walk Now For Autism Speaks Tshirt?
Participants who raise $150 + will receive an official commemorative Walk Tshirt (both pre-event and day of event donations will be counted toward this $150 total).

If I don't pick-up my Tshirt at the event, will one be mailed to me?
To reduce costs, ensuring that more dollars are directed to fund research and services, T-shirts will only be available on Walk Day. Autism Speaks Canada will do its best to ensure that participants receive a shirt in the size of their choice. However, when this is not possible, another size may have to be substituted.



Are there rewards for fundraising?
Participants continue to tell us they want as many dollars as possible raised through Walk Now for Autism Speaks to go directly toward critically needed research and family services in Canada. We have listened and we agree. The following rewards include:

All Walkers who raise $150 or more will receive a commemorative 2013 Walk Now For Autism Speaks T-shirt.

Walkers who raise $1000 or more individually are invited to be part of our Grand Club!  Visit the Grand Club tent at the Walk site, do a fast-track check-in and enjoy exclusive access to the Grand Club tent.  Goodies for our Grand Club members include special commemorative Grand Club t-shirts and pins.

Top Fundraisers and Top Teams are recognized on our homepage, event Kick Offs and at the annual Awards Celebration. For details, please Contact Us.

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