Paul Stellato

Team Captain Matthew & Michael Stellato 2012 Toronto Walk

Hello everyone.

Thanks to everyone's support at last year's walk, My Family was one of the top walkers. With your support we raised over $18,000!

This year the Toronto walk falls on Father’s day. I can not think of a greater gift than to be able to show my boys that they are not alone in their struggle. I worry every day about what their lives will be like when Maria and I are no longer here to care for them. How will the rest of the world greet them and how will they fit in? This one day a year gives me the hope that even if the missing piece of the puzzle is never found, that there are people in the world that will accept them for who they are.

I watch them grow everyday, struggling with the things we all take for granted, and they do it with a smile. They make the issues I face seem so trivial. They’ve become my inspiration and my hero’s. I only hope that I can give to them what they give to me each and every day.

So I ask you all once again to please support me as I walk in tribute to my boys and to all the individuals and families dealing with the mystery of Autism. Your support is greatly appreciated.



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